Our Mission

24 Shop It began as a desire to reshape the E-commerce market, we noticed a huge disconnect from the product manufacturers to the end consumer. Quite often we found the retailer aka the middle man was less inclined to shape their business models around the great manufacturers of the world and instead would just base their retail operations around achieving as many sales as quickly as possible.

Our solution is to have direct and constant contact with our chosen suppliers / manufacturers to ensure they stay innovative and are constantly producing new products and lines which accommodate for the ever changing and evolving market.

Our mission ironically is more customer based by channeling our energy towards our supply lines. This is why you will find many items available to purchase from our store which are not for sale anywhere else. We have been passionate about this since the beginning and we strive to improve every single day.

Our Goals

As the premier E-commerce channel in North America we have always been driven to improve our self. We have always done this by creating realistic but game changing goals.

We have improved the structures from which true American delivery services can be catered to; through cross border fulfilment channels. Our revolutionary approach has greatly reduced waste improved time frames and increased value for our customers.

Of all the success and improvements we have made as a company it takes a strong team of hardworking dedicated people to keep working on our goals, thankfully we try our best to do this by being located in strategically important locations around the globe.

Boston, MA, USA

24 Shop It is part of a large scale E-commerce operation with a multitude of stores around the web. Selling items from many different categories, It is quite likely you have purchased from us before.

The story of 24 Shop It begins in a suburb of Boston it was from here we recognized the demands of the consumer are not being met. Boston is the birthplace of this company specifically and as we run to serve the whole nation, we are proud to be based here.

Taking advantage of the fantastic, well educated work force around the bay area, we contribute a lot of our success from still running operations from our base in Boston.

We have benefitted greatly by being located on the East Coast and will continue to be here for many years to come.

Kowloon, Hong Kong

As a company which strives to be at the forefront of innovation we found it absolutely necessary to have a procurement office in Asia. We found Hong Kong to be the best place to be based as it is a modern country, with English speaking population and highly educated workforce.

Hong Kong is very much an East meets West city state as previously being a British colony it has been perfectly placed for the expansion of our business.

Based in the Kwun Tong district of Kowloon our office is just 6 MTR stops from Central, which is overlooking the main Hong Kong city skyline

We offer products from manufacturers all over the world however from our experience a lot of innovative products begin their life cycle in Hong Kong, which is part of the reason we are the forefront of the market.

Leeds, United Kingdom

Our European headquarters are based in the north of England, uniquely positioned with a perfect time zone and excellent transport links to the rest of Europe.

Based in South Leeds we are able to make the best of it. Our procurement and marketing office in Leeds allows our company to expand our view to Eastern Europe and also take advantage of the excellent universities in the region.

As a fair and ambitious employer Leeds was specifically chosen for our European base as it strikes an excellent balance of city life and access to the country side which our team have thoroughly enjoyed finding the correct work life balance.

Charitable contributions

As a company we know we have a big responsibility in shaping the communities around us and part of this shapes the direction of our team every single day.

Charitable donations are part of our ethos and the company chairman in particular has a passion for helping military vets.

We arrange social gatherings and events where proceeds go to charitable organizations for many different causes but our main focus is to help military veterans.

We also aim to donate a percentage of our anual profits to our chosen charities which is something we can all be proud of.